3. What happens/What do I wear?

Please wear comfortable clothing that allows your limbs to move and is comfortable for you. Before beginning a treatment, you need to complete the consultation form and possibly a screening form. If you take medication, please let me know.

Please remove your shoes (Socks are always advised) lie up on the treatment table. You will then be examined with a mixture of palpation and Orthopedic tests. Most of the assessment is done by touch and will be explained as necessary/requested.

A treatment will always consist of work on your feet, pelvis, abdomen, shoulders, neck and head with more focus on critical points.

At the end of the treatment I will give you some advice on how to improve your posture and how to move through your everyday life in a way that will prolong your treatment. I may ask you to do some exercises and drink some extra water and we will discuss pain and it’s relationship to injury.

If you have any feedback during the treatment, please feel free to let me know.

Questions are always welcome, I am happy to discuss the treatment and what I’m doing at all times.

Likewise if you want a silent treatment, don’t be afraid to say so.