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Patrick Moloney Injury Clinic. Bad back, bulging disc, nerve impingment

About Me

Hi, I’m Patrick, welcome to my website. I offer a professional treatment for Injury and Pain in Dublin. I specialise in helping everyday people to recover from all types of injuries, from minor wear and tear issues to full on debilitating injuries and chronic conditions.

Patrick Moloney Injury Clinic Knee issues Amatsu Injury and pain therapy

My philosophy is simple but effective;

Feel Better, Move Better, Get Better

Patrick Moloney Injury Clinic
Physical therapy for knee pain

Feel Better

There are no miracles. Damaged tissue can take a number of weeks to fully heal but the first step is to halt the degeneration. It’s also critical to address the relationship between injury and pain at this point. That’s why the first part of my program addresses the most critical element of your injury, removing the immediate issue and allowing you to resume your normal activities as soon as possible. A treatment will leave you feeling better and give you more confidence to return to your usual movement patterns

“Movement is key to your recovery”

Move Better

Now that your immediate symptoms are addressed, the goal of the second part of my program is to give you better movement. This is achieved with a synergy of treatment in clinic and some simple exercises/tips to improve your posture, movement, walking gait and how you perform everyday tasks. Movement is your best tool in recovering from an injury and preventing non-trauma injuries. It can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be or as your lifestyle allows.

Patrick Moloney Injury Clinic Knee leg and hip issues Amatsu Injury and pain therapy

Get Better

Now that stage one and two are complete, you are feeling much better,
perhaps better than you have in a long time. The next phase is to maintain or advance your new and improved musculoskeletal heath, posture and movement. This is the coaching phase and can be a couple of treatments a year or a more structured program, depending on your needs and/or level of activity. Now that you have recovered, you understand the relationship between pain and injury and discovered how important movement is, keep going forward. If tragedy strikes, I’m only a phone call away…

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