4. What happens after the treatment?

The treatment itself is calming and you may feel very relaxed afterwards.    If you came in with pain, there may still be some residual soreness but that is normal and remember that pain does not always equal injury and vice versa. Ease yourself back into your normal routine and keep moving.

To get the maximum benefit from your treatment;

  • Try not to book a session on a day that you have a lot to do afterwards, especially vigorous work/exercise/play. This allows your body to absorb the changes.
  • Try to take it as easy as possible for 24 hours after a treatment- you will be able to to whatever you want but its a great excuse to take it easy for a day as much as is possible for you.
  • Take a 15/20 min gentle walk in good posture as soon after your session as possible. Try to move about as much as possible in as relaxed and natural a way as is possible for you.
  • Eat as well as you can and hydrate properly

The following day you may feel sore, a bit like when you have over exercised or recently returned to exercise. This is normal. Drink some extra water, take a walk, move about gently and smoothly and you will start to feel better. Should the soreness continue to the next day, call me and let me know.

Your body will continue to feel the effects of the treatment for about three days. To prolong the benefits, follow the instructions you are given during your session, consider the tips above, improve your posture, movement and sitting habits and get yourself into the correct mindset.

If you get relief after a session and the pain comes back after a few days, make a note of it and let me know at your next session.

If you have concerns in between sessions, email me and I will get back to you asap. If its an emergency, ring/text.